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Thinking In the back drop to entering in FMCG Sector (Agriculture based Processed Food) on 2015, began the story of ABIPL. In 2015, our founder, Mr.R. Banerjee and Mr.S. K. Paul was working in Service Sector thinking of moving into Food Manufacturing Sector, they observed the alarming use and spread of chemical usage on agricultural foods and live stocks, and the deep impact it had on rural in datedness.

Procurement by usingChemical andpreservatives, synthetic foods meant degradation of health of common people, which in turn was affecting the very sustainability of the people life and standard of living. This showed the seeds for us at ABIPL. With a group of inspired colleagues, we set out on a lifelong journey of passion and commitment. We putbranding our products named“SUJALA”. Delving into the ancient Upanishads of India and sourcing from the traditional method, we drew upon the primary elements of nature.

SUJALA took small steps starting in 2017. Our mission is to promote traditional method making puffed rice along with a healthy life style for the consumers and contribute to a better ecology as a whole with a focus on creating means of traditional method of manufacturing agricultural products which is lost in this today’s world, we set about addressing two key areas like Traditional Method and The Quality Control. For products, we adopted a hygienicpreparation method & safe packaging approach to ensure 100% fresh and pure products and the same was brought to our customers.

It has been a challenging journey from 2017 to now.  In 2020, when there is Lockdown due to COVID in whole world, toughest survival existence in world economy; we Had started our New Unit- Noodles Manufacturing to create New Job opportunity for Unemployed people around us with same hygienic and quality products. Today we reached around 4 districts across West Bengal.

APPHIA BARTER INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is a private companydomiciled in INDIA and operated under the Companies Act 1956, is approved by MINISTRY OF CORPORATE AFFAIRS,Govt.OF INDIA, CIN No. U51909WB2017PTC221563 was Incorporated on19thJUNE2017 and also Registered under MSME Category. Being a private company, its shares not listed any Stock Exchange. Having corporate and Sales office at Holding No.607, NASKARPARA, MANIKPUR, P.O.HARINAVI, KOLKATA-700148 P.S.-SONARPUR,WARDNO.-23 (RAJPUR- SONARPUR MUNICIPALITY) WEST BENGAL.

The company is engaged in the business of Manufacturing & Trading (Distributor Based) of Processed Foods and also preparing to enter into Modern Trade with upcoming new Branded Packaged Food Product range, mainly in Hyper Market.

The company’s organizational structure and governance process are designed to support effective Management of Multiple Products Business (FMCG Food Sector) while retaining focus on each one of them.
The operating segments have been reported in a manner consistent with the internal reporting provided to the DIRECTOR’S COMMITTEE,which is the chief Decision Maker.


ABIPL running Two(2) factories- UNIT-I & UNIT-II.



The Company having N.R. licenses as well as Trade License for both UNITS-(1) Processing, Packaging and Trading of Agriculture Foods [BRAND SUJALA].


(3) FSSAI LICENSE from Food Safety Standards Authority of India

, Under Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India.

(4) Registered under Ministry of Micro, Small Medium Enterprises,

Govt. of India.

# Own BRAND “SUJALA”- Processed FoodProducts comes under Essential Food Services Category.

# Areas of Operation: – KOLKATA (NORTH, SOUTH, EAST), 24 parganas (SOUTH &NORTH), HOWRAH & HOOGLY Districts.
#Wholesale, Trading &Distribution: –
Marketed by ABIPL:Beverages (carbonated drinks) / flavoured
Drinks(Juices):Mango & Litchi, orange etc.
**Proposed expansion of Market in Hooghly, Birbhum, Burdwan, Bankura(SOUTHBENGAL)&Malda, Siliguri (NORTHBENGAL), Murshidabad.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a platform to emerging and settled certified traditional method and to reach out to the customers. Sujala aims to reduce the gap between the Old traditional method and the consumers to eliminate the agents and give more benefit to the consumer which they deserve. Also, it helps consumers find Puffedrice,Khoi etc they need for daily use, on one online platform, at one click. We focus to deliver the best quality to consumer’s doorstep.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring back the grace and purity of our environment which is hampered because of many developments happened over the time, in past years.Thisis the time when we have realized the importance to maintain the environment, SUJALA is proud to have been supporting traditional method of manufacturing and help through this small share of effort.

Our Philosophy

Going traditional and growing traditional method are not easy steps. This demand diligence, patience and an attention to every possible detail. We have all these qualities and drive out of our love and passion for making your life traditional. In fact, our philosophy addresses the overarching benefit of traditional. We view traditional method as an effort a sustainable life style for consumers and a sustainable earth, which is constantly reinvigorated and enriched with traditional method. At the end of it all, we believe our love and passion for all things should result in you enjoying the food and creating for yourself better health. Because, we know and our forefathers knew that pure food is a proven curative.

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